"My house shall be called a house of prayer."

-The words of Jesus from Matthew 21:13

We want to pray for you! We want to be known as a church of prayer. Prayer is not an afterthought but at Christ Community Church it is the starting point, midpoint, and ending point. Prayer is the cornerstone for all other ministries.

Prayer is absolutely vital to corporate growth within the church.  It sustains the momentum of the church by releasing the Holy Spirit to work on behalf of the purposes of God.  A lack of prayer causes us to fall back on our own abilities and skills, moving us to become self-reliant.  Our purpose and goal is to rely on God and His directives first. When prayer precedes abilities and skills, it helps us engage in ministry that endures for eternity.

Our desire is to uphold the congregation and its ministries and also the community in prayer and to educate, empower and inspire the congregation in their prayer lives. We want to help people grow and walk with Jesus by ministering to their needs through prayer.

We seek to enhance the prayer life of Christ Community Church.   We encourage prayer requests, we pray for requests that are received,  and we pray for our Pastor, the church, and each other.